Coisas para cozinhar para a mãe:

Seared fresh squids with serrano chiles and lime
Squid ink pasta with shrimp and burrata
Linquine con le Vongole (com amêijoas) 

Chicken Minestrone (Donna Hay)
Tomato sandwich: toasted bread, mayo and tomato
Sunshine bowl and tahini dressing

Tart cherry pie
Banana Cream Pie with Wholewheat Chocolate Crust (and orange vanilla custard)
Upside down plum and olive oil cake


Comprei soba noodles ontem. Como cozê-los; peanut soba noodle salad (lembrar de comprar mirin); spring soba noodle salad with fava beans;

A great sauce for cold soba, from Chinese Gastronomy by Hsiang Ju Lin & Tsuifeng Lin:
3 scallions, finely chopped
2 tsp red pepper oil
2 tsp sesame oil 
2 tbs vinegar
4 level tsp sugar
1 ½ level tsp salt
½ level tsp white or black pepper
½ level tsp crushed wild pepper (I substitute roasted, crushed Szechuan pepper here)
4 tsb peanut (or other high-heat oil)
Mix all but the oil in a 4-cup Pyrex measure, and then heat the oil to almost smoking. Pour in a stream over the ingredients in the Pyrex cup, and stir. Let the mixture stand for 15 minutes, and then pour over the cold noodles. Xlnt!

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