Andrew Querner

Acerca do uso de 10 especiarias essenciais, uma senhora comentou o seguinte:
I often add whole cardamom to the water when boiling chicken (I also add cinnamon sticks, bay leaves and cloves). It makes for a wonderfully fragrant and tasty stock that I use instead of plain water when making rice. 
I love to drink Turkish coffee and I often add ground cardamom before preparing it. Cumin is often used in middle eastern dishes that include chick peas, fava beans, lentils, etc because it is supposed to aid in digestion. 

Dashimaki Tamago
Baked eggs with mushrooms and spinach
Frango com (40 dentes de) alho e vermute ou então roasted, and stuffed with clementines, onions, and thyme!
Pizza sem glúten (de millet e quinoa) com creme de cebolas caramelizadas
Rabbit à la Moutarde

Fresh strawberries in a pink cloud (de ricotta e mascarpone)
Bolo de coco e lima
Upside down de banana e caramelo

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