About a year later, the family of five next door moved out , and we took over the entire duplex, fanatically destroying the wall that joined the two kitchens with sledgehammers. A larger space it seemed would be the answer to all of our problems. We reveled in the thought of the day when every room was completely finished, new plumbing installed, electrical redone, and the backyard completely landscaped with fruit trees.

'Oh, when this tree grows tall, the backyard will be magical' we would tell each other, as if trying to convince one another of the longevity of our relationship.

But as our home got closer to being finished, and the tasks lessened, our relationship continued to find distance.

And so, eight years later. we stood in the living room, with new pocket sliding doors and a restored fireplace, staring at each other, only to agree that our relationship could not be so simply repaired.

The Backyard by David John.
Apartamento #8

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